Monday, February 10, 2020

Child Behavior Checklist Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Child Behavior Checklist - Assignment Example It serves as the younger counterpart of adult research study approaches, which mostly deals with adult-focused psychological conditions. Thus, it tends to focus on the conditions more specific to children and young adults, and the foreseen status are acted upon in accordance with outcomes of the assessment.The improvements made were important in addressing several factors. The revised version of CBCL, as explained by Hersen (2004), has been part of an extensive screening program and included the teaching rating (TRF) and self-report (YSR). These were devised to accomplish more understanding of the mental conditions of children. In turn, it gives emphasis to the roles played by parents and other environmental influences in determining possibilities of mental conflicts in children. Despite concerns about the consistency of the discussed screening tool, several adaptations yielded affirmative results. Currently, newer versions were introduced in 2001, with modifications on age divisions for specific scales. New specifications have been added, which replaced subjects that either have been overlooked or neglected by previous design. Furthermore, the empirical-based assessment is combined with Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM)-oriented measurements—ensuring a wide support from professional behavioral scientists and experts. In retrospect, Child Behavioral Checklist (CBCL) is a 15-20 minute child administered measurement based on parent’s account.

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