Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Building Information Modeling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Building Information Modeling - Essay Example In addition, BIM considers mistakes that would be made in making estimates for building materials, making it a valid process in the building and construction industry throughout the world. In Building and construction sectors, BIM refers to the digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of structures. In designing a BIM plan, factors such as increase in prices of materials which can inhibit the construction process management. This explains why BIM continues to be a thorough process in the construction sector. Making out estimates of building materials owes to factors such as in prices of materials or having uncertainties in making estimates. However, BIM enables companies avoid such problems as making out estimates by drawing plans, which include provisions, in case there are any constraints encountered during construction. BIM builds a digital format which appears as if it is being made physically. Currently, the UK government advocates for the use of BIM in delivering cost effective solutions in delivery of infrastructure across all sectors, including Telecommunication companies. However, in spite of this advocacy by the UK government, mobile telecommunication companies do not think it a requirement. ... The company has business units, â€Å"which provide infrastructure, transportation services† such as Turnkey- a program involving surveying/site acquisition, design, body and wealth management of client network infrastructure, to UK mobile telecommunication companies, in particular 02, Vodafone, and Orange. Vodafone is a global mobile telecommunication with headquarters in the UK. It is also the largest global telecommunications company basing on its revenues, and the world’s second largest after china mobile. 02 on the other hand, is UK’s leading mobile handset provider and broadband, offering the best phone, sim only and broad band deals. Orange is the fifth telecommunication company in the world, also found in the UK, but with proper headquarters in France. The three telecommunication companies, namely; orange, Vodafone and 02, are clients to GallifordTry Buildinmg and Construction Company. According to GallifordTry, Telecommunication companies do not show int erest in the BIM process, yet it is cost effective in service delivery. On this note, Galliford, as a partner institution believes that it can affect the implementation of BIM in telecommunication companies. 2. Hypothesis Galliford can affect the implementation of BIM among Telecommunication sectors in the UK and gain a competitive advantage over other sectors in the UK government The theorem above is being needed to be checked alongside the following objectives; (a) To identify reasons why Telecommunication sectors such as 02, Vodafone and Orange do not take BIM as a prerequisite, in spite of it being an endorsement of the UK government (b)To determine whether, among the Telecommunication companies, are some outstanding individuals who would like to take part in implementing BIM program (c)To determine the

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